Tackle Winter Colds Naturally

  I start listening more closely to signs that my body is giving me as soon as I first start feeling sick.  For me it’s the sore throat.  This is my weakness and I know I better pay attention and listen to this pain in my throat, or this informative sore throat will become something […]

40 Day Yoga Challenge for YOU!

Hi!  I would like to invite you to participate in a 40 day challenge! The challenge comes in two parts: one being to do something for 40 days and the other the actual movements and activities. I have invited many of you to do sun salutations, breath exercises and also private yoga sessions with Suzanne. […]

Routine to the Rescue

Routine is the one of the most important ingredients to find balance and health in life. When I look at my life and the lives of patients I notice that most amount of imbalance and dysfunction come when we are breaking from a healthy daily routine. What I mean by this is that when we […]

Balance Blood Glucose

I am finding that balancing ones blood glucose can be the most effective way we can holistically create health in our lives.  So many diseases come from long term chronic imbalances in our blood glucose levels.  I am not just talking about diabetes here, I am talking about insomnia, brain function and memory, migraines, skin […]


When I lived in Kazakhstan, there were days when it got to be -40 degrees Fahrenheit for days at a time. I remember while walking to work, ice cycles would form on my eyelashes and by the time I got to work my eyes were barely able to open.  But no one, including myself ever […]

Your Holistic Allergy Experience!

Tis the season of allergies that is.  You can’t take it anymore!  All this pollen flying around is very frustrating and has got you wondering why all this inflammation is occurring inside you.  Secretly you pull out old pathology text books to get a clearer understanding of immunoglobulins and find that IgE hypersensitivity is the […]

Gallstones and Stomach Acid

Gallstones and Stomach Acid Your gallbladder is a little green organ tucked under its yin pair of the large reddish brown liver.  It has a very simple job in the body of concentrating bile.  Bile salts are released slowly into your duodenum to help with degreasing fats so that enzymes can break down the protein […]

Relieve Itch with Acupuncture

Eczema is a very common skin condition that affects a substantial portion of our population. (1)  The main symptom that brings people to seek help with managing their eczema is pruritus or itching.  Controlling the itch sensation associated with eczema is one of the most important treatment strategies for both western and eastern medicines.  Continuous […]

YOGA as Medicine/Meet Suzanne

Let me introduce myself for those of you who do not know me in Jersey City. I teach yoga in Queens, NY at BambooMoves, a studio which I own. I am looking to expand by working with Joseph Tonzola in Jersey City.  I have been practicing and teaching yoga for about 10 years. My introduction […]

Zinc and Vit A for Acne

Vitamin A and Zinc have a health promoting affect on the epithelial cells that make up your outer layer of skin called the epidermis.   Within the epidermis there are multiple layers of cells.  The outer layer is made up of protective cells that are flattened in appearance. Underneath these flattened cells are cube and […]