Know Your (Hypo)Thyroid I

Your thyroid gland stretches over your Adam’s apple in your neck.  It produces thyroid hormones called T3 and T4.  T3, also known as triiodothyroine, has 3 iodine molecules.  T4, also known as thyroxine, has 4 iodine molecules.  Your thyroid hormones are responsible for healthy metabolism within your body to help with bone growth, temperature regulation, […]

Eat and Sleep…. Well

I learned something cool at the recent Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry Class that I recently took in Philly and wanted to share it with you all.  So here it is… Eating before bed is actually a really good idea.  Our brains are constantly working even while we are sleeping and in order for this to […]

Do Yoga and Meditation Daily

The integration of Yoga and Meditation in your life can really improve your overall quality of life.  I rarely miss a day of doing my 3 sun salutations and sitting for some simple meditation.  Our body needs to be stretched and strengthened.  Stretched in the areas that get tight from overuse and incorrect use of our […]

The Magic of Shea

I recently discovered an excellent all natural skin care product.  Actually I first heard about Shea butter while watching a Youtube video about natural hair care options for shampoo. African black soap, which contains shea butter as its main ingredient, was mentioned as a great alternative to the commercial shampoos.  It took me a little […]

Pure Oils and Natural Soaps

Skin health ultimately comes from finding health and balance on the inside of our bodies so that this healthy vibrancy naturally reflects on the outside.  This means eating healthy, managing stress with exercise and relaxation techniques, catching some rays of sun, as well as getting enough deep REM sleep.  With this said we can still […]

Beets for Breakfast!!

Sure, why not?!  I mean who made up the rules that we have to engorge ourselves with empty carbohydrates for our most important meal of the day.  This seems contradictory to me.  Beets are one of my favorite vegetables because of their sweet taste, easy preparation, and healthy functional and nutritious value for the body. […]

Exhaling Anxiety

As a child I did not feel like I lived with anxiety, however I did not know what anxiety really was.  So without the definition and understanding of it, I could only identify with the symptoms I sometimes experienced as a child.  I remember some difficulty in sleeping at night with too much on my […]

Restorative Sleep

Don’t believe the hype!  Sleep quality and the number of hours per night should not diminish simply because one is getting older.  Sleep is really important for allowing the body, mind, and spirit to rest and restore for the challenges of the following day.  I am constantly reassessing my lifestyle to figure out ways to get a […]

All Natural Acne Care

My interest in skin care began long before I began my studies in Chinese medicine, however it was Chinese medicine that taught me ways to cure annoying skin problems like acne.  All through highschool as many teenagers do I battled with painful red raised lesions, white heads and dark blemishes on my face and body. […]