Pain Management

Cupping for Pain

Acupuncture is most known for and researched in the United States for the treatment of pain.  And the research continues to show acupuncture outperforming placebo and most times western pain medications.  I have seen hundreds of cases with pain as the main complaint, and I continually see acupuncture work outstandingly with decreasing and even eliminating pain.


How Acupuncture Works with Pain Management

Acupuncture, is based on a system of energetic channels called meridians.  Energy or “Qi” is said to flow within these meridians.  When there is free flow of energy, there is health.  When there is blockage there is disharmony within the entire circular system.  Pain is a result of this blockage of energy.  Needling acupuncture points effectively frees the flow of energy, therefore restoring balance and decreasing pain.  It works.

Commonly Treated Pain Complaints

I have use acupuncture very effectively for the treatment of the following pain complaints: abdominal pain and IBS, ankle and foot pain, elbow pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, hand and wrist pain, headache and migraine, knee pain, low back and hip pain, pelvic pain, neck, shoulder, and back pain, TMJ and jaw pain.

Joseph Tonzola L.Ac. Dipl OM