In Chinese medicine headaches can be caused by different pathogenic factors and blockage such as wind, dampness, and qi or blood stagnation.  People who have experienced migraines very commonly describe their pain as stabbing, piercing and usually at one point somewhere around the eye.  This type of pain shows that that is a factor of blood stagnation.  Acupuncture is used to free the flow of qi as well as invigorate blood which can effectively treat reoccurring migraine symptoms.

Unexplained continuous headaches

I see many patients who experience continuous headache pain and discomfort.  Regular acupuncture treatments dramatically reduces the intensity of the pain they experience as well as the frequency of the headaches.

Menstrual Headaches

Women who have headaches often experience the worse symptoms at the time of menstruation.  If qi and blood are not flowing smoothly during the time of menstruation because of stress or other factors, headaches may be experienced.  Along with headaches the patient may also complain of lower abdomnal cramping, low back pain, clotty menstrual flow, and other uncomfortable symptoms related to abnormal mensturation.  Continuous acupuncture through 3 full cycles can help regulate menstrual symptoms and help with decreasing and eliminating menstrual headaches